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Dear visitor, my name is

Corrie Van Gossum and I was born in Aarschot (Belgium)on 9 June 1962. As a child I was already busy with drawing and crafting, later with manual work such as knitting and crochet. When I was 21, I opened a craft store, which I enjoyed running for 9 years. Meanwhile got 2 sons so there was less time for hobbies. After my store I started taking care of children between 3 months and 3 years. The urge to create has always remained and therefore, as I got more time, I tried out all kinds of hobbies, which I thought was fun and beautiful to make. Now for a few years I have been passionately busy making dogs and all kinds of other animals in mohair, viscose and plush. First draw patterns and then work them out in fabric, and all this with heart and soul.

Greetings !

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